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Tamu WRight

Founder and CEO, Blue Lotus Consulting

What's your backstory? I am a lawyer by training and started my career at a legal publishing organization. I wrote articles and conducted interviews in the area of international tax law, and in the process, gained an understanding of the workings of international law and business as well as the global economic system through covering developments at multilateral organizations such as the United Nations. As a managing editor, I also enjoyed working with a diverse set of colleagues and contributing editors from around the globe. However, one of the highlights of my career occurred when I was awarded a six-month sabbatical to teach creative writing to students at a local middle school. 

How did that lead to a business helping both students with higher education and entrepreneurs? Like many others, the company I worked for underwent changes in its corporate culture that no longer aligned with my personal values. After launching an editorial consulting business in 2016, I worked almost exclusively with small business owners. I also wanted to continue to work with young people and got involved in volunteer work. I saw that students were often unprepared for many aspects of the college application and financial aid process and were making uninformed decisions that would negatively impact them for years to come. I sought to educate myself so that I could help high school students and their families make better choices, and joined the Independent Educational Consultants Association as an associate member. I believe that communities of people that are able to educate and employ themselves are safer, happier, and stronger and I want to help with that process.

Where were you educated? I am a graduate of the District of Columbia Public Schools, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Georgetown University Law Center. 

What are your other interests? Meditation, ancient African philosophy, kayaking, and chocolate. I am a member of the African-American Women's Giving Circle, a D.C. STEM Network ambassador, and a volunteer career coach for the District of Columbia Public Schools.